Fear, from the Ghouta Triptych

Title: Fear, from The Tragedy in Ghouta Triptych
Series/MultiPanel name: The Tragedy in Ghouta Triptych
Year:  2018
Dimensions: (in.) 40 x 60
Style: figurative
Media: acrylic
On: canvas
Notes: In 2018 Syria’s Bashar al- Assad sent missiles into the eastern town of Ghouta.  Ghouta had been under attack before, most noticeably in August 2013, where the same murderer dumped sarin on its unsuspecting inhabitants.  By 2016 the region in which Ghouta is found had shrunk, there were still hundreds of thousands of people struggling for a living, in April 2018 Assad threw more chemicals at the last enclave;  in the city of Douma.  You can read more here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Eastern_Ghouta

I painted this triptych, then, in the first half of 2018.  The images were taken from photos in the New York Times, concentrating on the white helmets, and their rescue of civilians.  At least they tried.

Exhibited at Isles, and the Minneapolis Convention Center.
For more information about this or other pieces, contact me at owenbrownartist@gmail.com