Owen Brown has degrees from Yale and the University of Chicago.  In the 1980’s he studied painting at California College of Arts in Oakland, California, where his teachers included Philip Morsberger and Jack Mendenhall.  For many years resident in San Francisco, he moved to Minneapolis in 2016.  He has exhibited in juried shows and solo exhibits throughout the United States. His paintings have been acquired by institutions as varied as the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the Nature Conservancy, and Amalgamated Bank, and can be found  in collections in this country, in Europe, and in Asia. He was the recipient of residencies at Air Le Parc in July 2017, and at the Land Institute in October 2018, where he created his first sculptural installation: “Units of Measure”. He was an official invitee at Art Prize Nine. In 2020, he will be collaborating with noted choreographer Anat Shinar, on her latest work: “No Hard Feelings.”

His art has been favorably reviewed in such publications as The San Francisco ChronicleVostos, the Exeter Bulletin, The Land Report, A2,and Paragon.  Meridian Gallery Press published a monograph of his work for the opening of his show “Ideasthesia” (2015) and his work was included in the Society for Art Publications of the America’s final publication, “Trees of the Field.” (2017).

Owen Brown is represented nationally by Holly Hunt, Art Partners, and Art Force, and shows regionally at Veronique Wantz, and Grand Hand, and Isles Studio.

I was taught in the figurative tradition, but I also work rather abstractly, and I don’t always have a theme that I want to put forth.  I don’t know how I will finish when I start, except that there is something within that I want to express, something that I want to build, something that I want to say.  Painting is not the same as speech, even when it is depicting a scene.   We leap to story, but it is the story behind the story, behind speech, that is my subject matter.

My work is about longing, time, emotion, loss and recovery.  I keep these in mind:

From the contemporary American poet Mary Oliver:

“Attention is the beginning of devotion.”


And from the German romantic poet Holderlin:

“Where danger lies, there deliverance also grows.”

These help me understand the process a bit better, where the painting begins to reveal itself.  I was trained to paint every day, and I do so, although much of creation lies in wait for the artist. Conversely, the artist himself must wait for something to happen.  Stillness is as important as action.

On my good days I am a painter.  On my best moments, I am someone who is trying to uncover and describe something new, so that we can have it within our range of humanity. That should be enough.

Selected Exhibits and Residencies



“The Marks We Make”
The Curator’s Salon (online)
August – October 2021

“Nature Art”
International Online Art Collective
April – May 2021

Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport
Minneapolis, MN
January – December 2021


New Perspectives in Drawing and Painting
St. Louis Art Guild
St. Louis, MO

Trees and Fields
Art Room Gallery, Sarajevo (online)

The Alternative Eye (solo show)
Grand Hand Gallery
Saint Paul, MN

Foot in the Door 5 (online)
Minneapolis Institute of Art
Mineapolis, MN

The New Not Normal
The Millyard
Minneapolis, MN

The Art Guild of Port Washington (online)
Long Island, NY

Grey Cube Gallery (online)

Art in the Time of Quarantine
The Art Center Highland Park (online)
Chicago, IL

Treat Gallery (online)
New York, NY

Bridgewater Gallery
February – May 2020
Minneapolis, MN

“Beauty, like a dial-hand”: SOLO Exhibit
May, 2020 (postponed)
Isles Studio
Minneapolis, MN


Winter Salon
Veronique Wantz Gallery
Minneapolis, MN

Works on Paper
Webster Arts
St. Louis, MO

The Ghouta Triptych
Minneapolis Convention Center

“A Journey to Knowing”
Banfill Locke Art Center
Fridley, MN


“We’re Here for the Time Being”: SOLO Exhibit
Isles Studio
Minneapolis, MN

The Land Institute
Salina, KS

“Near and Far”
Silverwood Gallery
St. Anthony, MN

The Collectors Show
Grand Rapids, MI

“Art on Paper”
Circle Gallery
Annapolis, MD

The Milll Yard
Minneapolis, MN


Gallery 13
Minneapolis, MN

The Fieldwork Scroll
(for information about the Scroll’s showings, go to

Art Prize 2017
Grand Rapids, MI

Air Le Parc, Pampelonne, France

New Paintings: SOLO Exhibit
Isles Studio
Minneapolis, MNCurator: Jeff Bengtson

“Trees of the Field”
The China Brotsky Gallery
San Francisco, CA

“Points of Departure”
John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Sheboygan, WI

The Figure: Interpreted Through Contemporary Mediums
Site: Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY


Pirate Contemporary Art 2016 Juried Show
Pirate Contemporary Art
Denver, CO

The RED Show
CORE New Art Space
Denver, CO

Restraint and Release: SOLO Exhibit
Meridian Gallery On-Line
San Francisco, CA

Gallery Route One
Point Reyes, CA

Visual Aids
New York, New York


“Out and About”
Gallery Sanchez
San Francisco, CA

Ideasthesia: SOLO Exhibit
San Francisco, CA

The 6th Annual 50 by 50
Sanchez Art Center
Pacifica, CA

Magnum Opus XXVI
Sacramento Fine Arts Center
Sacramento, CA

Annual Contemporary Art Survey
Fort Collins Lincoln Center
Fort Collins, CA

2015 Art Kudos International Exhibit
Curator: Charles Long  www.artkudos.com

Art at the Center  – Human Experience
Tomahawk Ridge Gallery
Overland Park, KS

Neoteric International Juried Exhibition
Hud Gallery/Dab Art
Ventura, CA

Works on Paper:  SOLO Exhibit
Caffe Gallery 817
Oakland, CA

Big Umbrella Gallery
San Francisco, CA


“Spiritual Architecture”
Big Umbrella  Gallery
San Francisco, CA

Works on Paper
Big Umbrella  Gallery
San Francisco, CA


Finalist, for
“often I am permitted to return to a meadow”
International Online Art Collective
“Nature Art” 2021


Gallery Artist, The Dewdrop, September 2021  tinyurl.com/ytje856w

Featured Artist, Closed Eyes Open Magazine, Issue 4, Summer 2021 https://www.beyondwordsmag.com/

Featured Artist, Beyond Words Magazine, Issue 15, June 2021 https://www.beyondwordsmag.com/

Featured Artist, F3LL Magazine, Spring 2021 www.fl33.com

Featured Artist, Wild Roof Journal, Issue 7, March 2021 https://wildroofjournal.com/issue-7/

Artist’s Talk: Banfill-Locke Museum, June, 2019

Featured Artist, The Land Report, issue 122 Fall, 2018

Artist’s talk: The Phillips Exeter Academy April, 2018

Featured Artist, Nostos (Vol. 2, No. 1) April, 2018

Artist’s talk: The Mill Yard March, 2018

“Units of Measure” reviewed in The Salina Journal, October 2018 https://tinyurl.com/y9qxweph

Profile in the Exeter Bulletin, Winter 2018 https://tinyurl.com/y8h2entq

Featured Artist, A5 (#10) February, 2018

Interviewed in Paragon, June 2017

Featured Artist, Art Force July 2016 http://tinyurl.com/hrecenw

Ideasthesia reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle Sep. 2015  http://tinyurl.com/gufxtvq